International SEO Company Spam In South Africa

UPDATE: Since writing this post on the 18th Dec 2012, it is great to see that Google has cleared away all the spam…I wonder if they read this article ;) Google’s response time was a fantastic 12 days to get

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Google Hangouts For Your Business

In the past couple of years we can all agree that Google doesn’t stop to amuse and surprise us with all the new features.  The coolest feature to be added to the Google family is  Google hangout. The hangout was …

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Choosing The Right Directory for Your Website

Back in the days, web directories where used the same way as your ordinary yellow pages for finding and locating certain services. Now times have changed and web directories have a total new meaning to them.

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SEO Copywriting Gets You Ranked

When writing copy for your website it is important to capture the attention of the browser and reader right from the outset. Writing killer copy is all-important and will make all the difference to your rankings on Google – and that is what I do for my clients.

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Google Plus Gets A Makeover

New Google Plus IconWhen I first heard about Google Plus, I wasn’t really blown away by this product of Google’s but now after its makeover, this platform is a lot more user friendly and simple to use.  According to Vic Gundotra, …

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